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Originally Posted by mgfranz View Post
I'm already a member of PCA, but do not see any events scheduled for Fontana. Maybe soon, and yes, this will be a HPDE type run.

The front stretch is an actual "looking forward too" run, all these 130+/- highway runs are starting to scare me, and yes, turn 1/2 will get my attention, (which is why I ask about brake swaps).

Since these tires are also my stock driver tires, I may get a set of track tires just for the fact if I ruin them, I'm not stuck. Any suggestions?

Brake fluid change is scheduled for next weekend, got a set of replacement ceramics on hand that may end up in place for the day. Plugs changed, spare parts on hand.

Not really sure I can call myself a "novice", more of a experienced track beginner, but I hear ya, should be fun. If you can let me know when you will be out I would welcome the expertise you can share, and thanks!
Both PCA and POC generally recommend you have some documented experience at other tracks like SOW or Chuckwalla before venturing out on the Super Speedway. I don't know if this is right or wrong but things do happen quickly at 130mph so it's not a great place to develop car control. PCA runs the Roval there every April with the Festival of Speed, and runs the infield 2-3 times per year. POC typically runs Fontana 2x per year.

Good track-capable tires are a pretty important piece of the puzzle along with some minor suspension changes to get the most out of them. One of my all time favorite DE tires is the Nitto NT-01. With a good negative camber setup on your car they can last 10 track days and they really hold up to the heat of continuous lapping well. I ran these for 10 years in the Boxster.

Our next PCA DE event will be at Willow Springs SOW and it is an excellent track to hone your driving skill on a closed course. 110mph is possible on the 2 straights and there is a lot of variation and elevation change to make it interesting.

Here is the link:

For the PCA Zone 8 Calendar of events look here to find 24 HPDE events at tracks all over SoCal, AZ, NV. There is a great deal of performance driving events so you could do a year long track day safari if you wanted to taste all of them. I have been to most.
Zone 8 Calendar | Zone 8 - Porsche Club of America

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