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Originally Posted by Topless View Post
Running with Speed Ventures?

Fontana is my home track and I have been running there since 2009 with maybe 700 laps logged. It can be a handful due to very high speeds on the front straight and entering turn 1&2. Not my favorite track to introduce novice drivers.

- Your tires are decent A/S daily driver tires but they probably will overheat and get greasy after a few hot laps and need a cool down lap to recover. Fontana is pretty easy on tires but when hot, a spin is very possible in 5/6 due to lack of grip there.

- Being on A/S tires you won't generate too much brake heat so stock pads will be ok but a higher temp pad would be better. Turn 3 will use all of your brakes.

- Either opt for an instructor or find someone with experience that you can follow for a few sessions to really learn the line. An in-car instructor would be best.

- Relax, learn the racing line, ramp up your speed gradually, drink lots of water, and keep the tires on pavement and you will have a blast.

If you like what you see and want to wade deeper into the performance driving pool, I recommend your next event be with PCA or POC due to their excellent driver development programs. Most drivers progress much faster working with a skilled instructor for the 1st year.

Have fun!
I'm already a member of PCA, but do not see any events scheduled for Fontana. Maybe soon, and yes, this will be a HPDE type run.

The front stretch is an actual "looking forward too" run, all these 130+/- highway runs are starting to scare me, and yes, turn 1/2 will get my attention, (which is why I ask about brake swaps).

Since these tires are also my stock driver tires, I may get a set of track tires just for the fact if I ruin them, I'm not stuck. Any suggestions?

Brake fluid change is scheduled for next weekend, got a set of replacement ceramics on hand that may end up in place for the day. Plugs changed, spare parts on hand.

Not really sure I can call myself a "novice", more of a experienced track beginner, but I hear ya, should be fun. If you can let me know when you will be out I would welcome the expertise you can share, and thanks!
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