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Thank you for the wisdom. I checked the part number and it does have .055 on it (photos attached)

I purchased it from Amazon for around $151, but it sure is advertised as an OEM part. I'm assuming its fine. I had the codes read and it was a P0102 MAF. I disconnected the battery with the hopes of clearing the codes, and inspected the MAF one more time. It seems fine. Could it be the thing I purchased off Amazon is defective? I also heard that code could indicate a wiring issue such as a short, or possibly one or more of the oxygen sensors. I'm leary to just drop it off at my porsche mechanic with nothing more to go on. But the stalling problem is getting pretty frustrating. It seems to go away after the car is driven awhile and warms up, but for the first few minutes/miles, it stalls at every stop. Is there any sort of re-programming that needs to be performed by a tech when this part is replaced?
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