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The bumper and muffler are back on. I was a little concerned about the new paint not matching the 14 year old original paint, so i chose a line just below the bumperettes to blend the new with old. There's a nice sharp curve there to mask a slight change in tone.

I'm happy with the results. The color doesn't stand out as being any different unless you get close and look for it.

The biggest problem is that I didn't have the patience to properly feather the primer over the repaired area. If you look for it, you can see a slight ridge around the area. Some of that I may be able to correct with fine sanding and polish, but since it is under clear-coat, I expect it will still show on close examination.

In a few days, I'll work on it again to clean it up a little. I can also see a few spots where my clear-coat ends onto the original paint. I had about a 2" overlap of just clear, so I could blend it back. I really need to watch some more YouTube on this stuff...

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