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Originally Posted by Racer Boy View Post
If this is your first track day, don't worry about what kind of tires or wheels you need, stock will be just fine. I'm guessing that even stock brake pads will be adequate, as long as they have plenty of thickness left. It would also be good idea to bleed the brakes before the track day.

I'd recommend against the EBC red pads, they cause a large shuddering in the pedal when the brakes get hot.

What track are you going to? If you are getting any kind of instruction, pay a lot of attention. Try to relax, and have fun!
Fontana, brand new set of Falken Zies 950 AS, stock brakes are pretty new, about 8k on them, I asked about brakes simply due to the fact that I can be hard on them at times. Maybe just replace them as needed with a stock set? And yes, I do need to do a good fluid change, AFAIK it has never been done.
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