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Originally Posted by longislander1
Brucelee, we'll see if it's really fantasy. Watch what happens to prices after the elections.

Fossil fuels have become a national strategic resource, yet our government allows them to be manipulated in return for political bribes. With the industry in private hands, we pay unnecessarily high prices (witness the oil companies' billions in ADDITIONAL profits), face arbitrary limits on supply (the oil companies -- with all their money -- haven't built a new U.S. refinery in 30 years and their maintenance of the existing facilities is highly suspect), and the nation isn't pursuing alternative energy (with so many politicians in oil companies' pockets).

If market forces for crude are driving prices, oil companies' margins would remain the same. Yet profits have skyrocketed.

You need to wake up and see how things really work in this country. I'm not sure I'm the one who's believing in fantasies.

So, since the average ROI for Oil Companies over the last 20 years is actually lower than the stock market as a whole, you are saying that there is

A- Monopoly for oil companies to price however they want. It is just now that they are doing so.

B-That even though there is this monopoly, the oil companies choose to keep lower ROI numbers.

C-There have been anti-trust investigations conducted by the FTC, the Justice Dept. Congress, and about 35 state AGs. Yet, not one oil company exec or company has been indicted for any crimes of price fixing, etc.

That must mean that .......

It is all a vast right wing conspiracy!

Yet, the price of gas in the US is lower than it is in the rest of the world.

D-The oil companies monopoly power and their consipracy with the US Govt still won't allow them to get through the greenies in order to build new refineries. Check the public record, they have tried and failed any number of times.

Sorry, the price of gas will rise and fall, as supply and demand rise and fall.

That is the way it has always been!

But, don't let history get in the way of a good consipiracy!

PS-Since you believe this whole deal is a vast conspiracy, I will ask you the key question here.

HOW MUCH SHOULD GAS COST and how do you know that?

Rich Belloff

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