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To clarify, I replaced the MAF several months ago in response to the car stalling at low idle. I installed a new Bosch MAF that I purchased on Amazon. The car still won't idle properly and stalls often at intersections. I also cleaned and inspected the throttle body, and replaced the idle control valve. I brought the car to my mechanic to read the codes and it showed a MAF failure code. Today I removed and cleaned the new MAF once more, but this time I disconnected the battery with the idea of clearing the codes and allowing the car to correct to the new MAF. It seemed to drive fine and never stalled. I'm cautiously optimistic though, and I'm not 100% sure I've addressed the problem. One thought I have is could the Bosch MAF I purchased on Amazon be defective? I've heard of this happening. Are the genuine Porsche MAF's so much more reliable? If the stalling resumes, I'll order a new Porsche MAF and see what happens. Any advice or comments?
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