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Need help with Spec Boxster no-start issue

Need some debug help...

SPB cranks, no fire ... however let me explain further.

My first DE with it a year ago, I backed it out of my space and it died as I was putting in first and trying to pull away.
Would not retire... but cranked ok

Put it on a charger and it fired up 30min later.
I continued to charge it all weekend but figured battery was toast so I got a new one Wet Cell Acid .... 16CLB I think.

Worked fine for my club race and 6 months later she fired up coming out of the trailer. Ran 2 sessions on Friday, 3rd session would crank, no fire. Doing some debug, I realized I left my marker lights on. Tried charging, no luck, tried jump starting from my cayenne, no luck. On a whim I decided to disconnect the battery and attempted to start through the jumper cables. Slowly cranked but on about the third revolution she fired up. Remove cables, still ran (alt is putting out juice ~14.2v) Put battery back on, still ran.
Killed it, tried to refire, crank but no start.

Went home charged up the old battery, that one was dead. Bought a new gel cel, played chemist, charged it up, same story crank but no fire.

If I could get enough juice from cables, I could slow crank and fire, did this a couple times.

Went and bought an AGM battery. Same song and dance.

Looks like my kill switch is a 4 pole, 2 big with a junction box and hefty cables while the other two are 16 gauge (ie small) *** i determined that this powers my master ignition switch -- which drives a large relay.

Iím trying to figure out why the car would fire if all the batteries were bypassed but would not start with battery whether jumped or not.

It rained all today at track, so I didnít have debug opportunity.

I have a durametruc I could hook to the dme, but not sure what to look for.

Tonite I bypassed kill switch, didnít matter.

battery only 12.8v, cranking gives me 10.6v, 40psi of oil pressure, but no fire.

Was not able to do jump start tests as I was in my trailer

When cranking -- its a solid crank -- up to 40psi.

When I bypass the battery -- it barely cranks at all -- theres only so much I can get through the jumper cables -- but it fires.
it's like whirrrrr, pause, whirrrrr pause, whirrrrr --- FIRE. Then it idles just fine for as long as I let it.
Take the cables off its fine, put the battery back on, just don't turn it off and try to restart.

with the battery in the system -- its cranking full speed -- but that's it.

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