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Great job on your project and posting your info on this much needed upgrade. I like your wire sleeving. Where did you source it? Car sounds great!

Key to not breaking header bolts is direct heat and an impact gun.

I installed Schnell equal length headers and Cicuit Werks 200 cell catted mid pipes to go with my Beluga Racing exhaust. Biggest decision points were Circuit Werks pipes seemed nicely built with the 200 cell cats and were relatively inexpensive and the Schnell headers take up a bit less room and do not come so close to the cooling lines on the passenger side.

Sound is great with a deep rumble at idle and cruising but when I give it the beans it really opens up and sounds amazing. Need to make a vid.

I painted mine with VMT Flameproof paint and wrapped them with DEI titanium exhaust wrap to try to control heat radiation.

I extended the car wire harness for my O2 sensors and did not touch the wires of the sensors as I was concerned about CELs. Front O2 sensors have slightly different cable sizing than the rears and I used twisted pair wire for the signal wires. Extending the car harness wires was a royal pain in the butt as there is not a lot or room to solder the extensions where the cables need cutting. I had removed the truck lid while installing my 987 intake and throttle body and sat in my trunk to extend the wires.

I have over 2000 miles on the car after doing this and my intake upgrades and have not had a single CEL related to the exhaust mods.

I don't think you can just buy the different O2 sensors because I believe the car harness is built with longer runs to reach the positions farther back. You can see in the video at the 11:00 minute mark that there is a little notch above the rear mid-pipe cat where I believe the wires would have come through instead of running the rear cables around the suspension mounting points. This is only my assumptions however.

I did not remove the aluminum braces and the sheetmetal cover to install mine.
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