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Originally Posted by Oli View Post
Every range of P cars have particular versions that are more desirable and less troublesome (ims). Investment quality would be a plus and would definitely work into the decision. Not a daily driver as nearly everyone in the PNW puts their vehicle up for the winter.
Would the Spyder fit the bill?
The spyder is the most pure version of what the boxster should be, sans fluff like door handles and dash shrouds and automatic roofs. Plus they are rare so you're likely holding on to a bit more of a collector's item. If you're looking to avoid IMS, look for a 2009 or newer with the DFI 9A1 engine. I'd personally recommend stopping just before you get to the turbo 4 718. Especially if you own a 76 911, you're going to be let down by the Subaru sound if you buy a 17 or newer.
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