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A little update; no worries Maytag : I go down to one of the the most respected independent Porsche shops in Virginia. Explain to him what I just bought... one thing I left out of the first post the person i got the car from bought the car 9 month,s ago 3 rd owner at 16000 miles ..this turned out to be important( at least to the german shop owner) ,he has driven it 5000 miles in 9 months flawlessly he only changed the oil about 3000 miles ago. he bought another toy and sold the car to me .
Back to the shop . Older German gentleman looks at the video of the car and pays attention a lot to how it sounds when the car is running ..Looks slowly up at me and say,s nice Im happy So I ask what should I do? he say bring it to me in 3 weeks (he is booked) we change drive belt , all fluids ,full tune up check and replace any hoses necessary , check coils (he felt garage kept these would be fine) moisture he says is there enemy. look over coolant reservoir, change thermostat. go drive I said to him IMS he smiled and said I have changed more than 75 ..I have never had a car come in here with one failed.He also said they DO FAIL. But his opinion it is a little over hyped and a bunch of folks selling $2500 kits and $800 berings.. Again he said it does happen ,but there are 25 boxsters or more on ebay with 125000 miles ++ for everyone with a failed IMS .its a risk reward is what he said.... He asked what i paid for the car ,I told him ..he said you are going to pay me $2500 +++ to replace it ? your car has the double row bearing ..VERY STRONG in a German accent GO DRIVE .... CANT WAIT TO GET THE CAR ON MONDAY!!
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