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Originally Posted by Cjamerson1212 View Post
Would you be willing to share your 3D file? I would love to use it as a starting point to create some other ashtray delete variations. (USB ports, phone holder, cup holder.. etc..)
How does it sit flush?... Anything under it?... Does it pop out easy?

Thanks in advance.
I can share the file, but I'll need to tweak it a bit. I actually had to wet sand mine a bit because it was about 1mm too wide. Under it is just a wood block, cut and sanded for a snug fit in the cavity. The remote tray is glued to it, so it all pulls right out as one unit, just like the ashtray. Nothing fancy.

Originally Posted by Aanic View Post

Steering wheel controls? Do tell....
I'm not sure that it's worthy of posting publicly, haha
I have 3 remotes for my stereo (one came with it, bought two spares in an eBay lot sale), so I just stuck one to the left side of the wheel hub where I can easily hit it with a finger with my hand on the wheel. It's not fancy, but it's not in a visible location and works great. I routed the IR LED to the bottom of the wheel, pointing at the stereo.

My original plan was to get a tiptronic steering wheel and use its buttons for volume up/down and previous/next track, so I may still do that if I can find a tip wheel for a good price.
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