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Originally Posted by MWS View Post
I've been thinking about getting a 3D printer...would you care to share what one you have? Also, I've been reluctant because I fear the novelty would quickly wear off and I would have yet another "thing"...if yours is for personal use, I'd be very interested in a long term update (as well as all of the interesting stuff you've made. Additionally, what design software are you using (please don't say Autocad, unless you have spare licenses laying about, lol)? I suppose this is a bit "off topic" for the forum, so if you don't want to share in a thread, feel free to PM.

BTW... Kudos on your design.
It's a Creality Ender 3. There may be better recommendations from people with more experience, but I have no complaints. It is well built and does what it's supposed to.

I do have AutoCAD, but have been using TinkerCAD (free online CAD program, also by AutoDesk) because it is much simpler and faster to build with. Once the design is finished, simply export the .stl file to your computer. Cura is a free 3D printer slicing program that I use. Import the .stl into Cura and it automatically creates the g-code toolpath.

It's all ridiculously simple and fun to do. The printed objects are strong and with the variety of plastics available, you can change them out to suit the parts needs. I'll update when I have more experience, but it's definitely useful.
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