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Update on the repair / project.

I took the transmission to the guys at JT Tatum racing. They specialize in porsches, and are particularly experienced with the 986. They feel confident they can weld up the holes in the bell housing. They'll put new seals in it while it's there.

Today I picked up my new AASCO lightweight flywheel and SACHS sport clutch pressure plate from my machinist, who balanced them for me.

I got the new IMS in. The one I removed appeared to be in perfect condition. No slop, no gaps, etc. The shaft itself was full of super clean, golden colored oil. I mean, it looked perfect. Not bad for a motor with 147k on it. Of course, I have no idea if it's been done before, since I've only had it for 5 months. But if it's been done before, it was not done with an updated bolt, or anything else that looks non-factory.

I couldn't get the RMS to go in. I destroyed it in the process. I'll pick up another on Monday and try again with a new method. And fellow forum member MEIR has offered to loan me the factory tool!!

Hopefully tomorrow, since I'm broke down on the back end, I'll install the water pump and thermostat, if I can find a few minutes to sneak away.

So, that's where I'm at. Just plugging away on a lot of different projects, keeping me from being able to find time to work on this one.

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