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Originally Posted by Jgkram View Post
I had developed a lifter tic several years ago. It started one winter and continued into the summer. It was especially bothersome during the colder months. I finally read a post by Jake Raby saying that he had used MMO and saved "many an engine" so don't knock it. Anyway, did my research and discovered MMO a petroleum based naptha distillate that is essentially a solvent. Obviously, I was hesitant to put it in my engine but decided to try it as the tic was getting worse. I always change my oil at 3,000 miles and use Motul 8100 x-cess 5w-40. So, I drained about 1 quart of oil, put 4 oz in a full gas tank and the remainder in the oil. I ran it for 500 miles and then did an oil change. Amazing, but there was NO ticking sound after the oil change. I repeat this process about every third or fourth oil change and have had no problems at all with ticking reoccurring.
I've been using this (or other variations of it to include ATF or diesel fuel) for decades to solve issues, including sticky lifters. It's a great "last ditch" effort, haha. It's not the first thing I do.... because I'm very aware of the risks. But I've had much success.

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