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I had developed a lifter tic several years ago. It started one winter and continued into the summer. It was especially bothersome during the colder months. I finally read a post by Jake Raby saying that he had used MMO and saved "many an engine" so don't knock it. Anyway, did my research and discovered MMO a petroleum based naptha distillate that is essentially a solvent. Obviously, I was hesitant to put it in my engine but decided to try it as the tic was getting worse. I always change my oil at 3,000 miles and use Motul 8100 x-cess 5w-40. So, I drained about 1 quart of oil, put 4 oz in a full gas tank and the remainder in the oil. I ran it for 500 miles and then did an oil change. Amazing, but there was NO ticking sound after the oil change. I repeat this process about every third or fourth oil change and have had no problems at all with ticking reoccurring.
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