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Polish splattered on the convertible top

Hi everyone,

So I was doing some paint correction on my '02 S this past weekend and was using (for the first time) a Griot Garage 6" random orbital polisher. The videos I watched said - don't lift! I tried not to lift, but was repositioning the orbital polisher on the front fender for a better angle of attack and I lifted. It sent a massive amount of splatter everywhere, including the top. I was using Griot's Garage Correcting Cream (for reference).

So my question. How can I get the splatter drops off the top? We tried drying it and flaking it off with a fingernail and the tip of a pen knife, but to no effect.

Looking for help here as we have our first concourse coming up in a couple of weeks and suspect we may get a demerit or two with the splatter stains on the top.

Thanks in advance!
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