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Originally Posted by SHLATL View Post
Seal Gray Metallic

By the way, would it help or be advisable to lubricate the rusty flywheel?
no, and no.

What you see there is very normal oxidization of any cast-iron part, like brake rotors, flywheels, etc. It's not advisable to add any sort of lubrication there, for two reasons:

1. Anything you add will eventually find its way into the CLUTCH. Any petroleum product, (or sometimes even hand-oils!) on the clutch-disc material will cause hot-spots and eventually burn through your clutch. DON'T LUBE IT!

2. Any lube you put on that will immediately be transferred to the small gear on the starter motor. that gear is on a shaft, where it spins and is forced-out to engage the ring-gear every time you start the motor. If you get lube on there, and then it attracts clutch-dust to it, then you get GLUE, which eventually slows (or stops) the gear as it is "thrown" out to the ring gear. and then you get to replace you starter motor. haha. DON'T LUBE IT!!

so, yeah, don't lube it. :-)
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