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Originally Posted by RedTele58 View Post
Drive it home with the top down and enjoy it.

I've bought three of my Boxsters out of state. I live in SW Oklahoma. The first Boxster was in Tucson, another in Phoenix, the third in San Antonio.

Buy a one way ticket, throw together an overnight bag with a couple changes of clothes and a big stack of CD's. Get ready to have a fun road trip.

Drive home and enjoy the car. I had a good road trip with each one and the three of them have turned out to be my favorite Boxsters in my fleet.

Don't overthink things about these cars. Maintain them, drive them and enjoy them! They're not delicate little flowers.

My new '99 with aerokit and hardtop

New Boxster Day! Aerokit, hardtop & more - pics!
Top down through Las Vegas in this season? Better bring lots of sunblock lol
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