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revival of an old thread.
Now, three years removed from these posts, do any of you who are still here have any further recommendations regarding the Lightweight Flywheel & Sprung Clutch?
Any others here with First-Hand knowledge who can share your experiences?

I understand the issue of balancing. I've built some very high-revving engines & I know the sort of harmonics that can occur.
What I DON't have, is experience with these cases, and what sort of abuse they'll tolerate.

I see some reports of crankshaft failure, but none are attributable to someone's first-hand experience. All are "I've heard of ....". Whereas I see several posters saying they have run the LWFW for upwards of 45k miles, with no issues.

Just looking for some experience to chime-in, before I make any sorts of decisions here.
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