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Originally Posted by Quadcammer View Post
going towards a more track oriented setup over winter, including going from GT3 buckets to a more dedicated racing seats.

I would like to use the sparco ergo in the medium size due to the removable halos.

Will use planted bases and sparco side mounts. NO sliders.

Anybody got one of these beats in their boxster?

Any fitment issues?

I donít have one in my boxster, but I do in my 944 that Iím building into a 944-spec car. The standard size fit with no problem (passenger side). The next size up was on back-order when my cage was put in. I had to return the Sparco base, and both the Sparco angled and 90 degree brackets. The cage builder had to put in a custom ďslimĒ bracket and re-work the cage a bit to get the seat to fit. He mentioned that the latest version of this seat is a real problem with boxsters, 911s, 944s, Miatas, anything except full-size cars basically. These seats in anything but the smallest size are just too tall. YMMV.
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