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spin on filter

I recently rebuilt my 2000S engine. I added a couple of upgrades from LN, the Bilt Racing 2QT deep sump with baffles, and the spin on oil filter. When I first started the engine the oil pressure was around 4 bar cold, then dropped down to almost zero when hot and would not increase with rpm. I immediately turned off the motor and talked to a trusted independant in a panic thinking I did something catastrophically wrong. He told me to take off the spin on adapter and go back to stock. After doing that my oil pressure shot up. Over 6 bar cold and stayed over 1 bar at hot idle. a blip of the trottle and the oil pressure just followed the tachometer. I ran it quickly up to 5K to check the pressure and I am getting a bit over 5 bar with the engine temp just under 90 degrees C on my durametric, which i believe is to specification. He told me he saw this with a few people that put the spin on adapter on, low oil pressure.

Just wondering if anyone else out there experienced anything like I did or if most don't notice since the Boxster lacks the oil pressure guage? Seems concerning to me since I lost my crank due to oil starvation, so anything that lowers the oil pressure I would not be a fan of. I thought it was smart to add as it forces all the oil through the filter, but if it can't keep enough volume moving though it and drops the oil pressure then I guess I rather the stock setup.
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