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3.6L 996 Engine is up and running

Well the 3.6L conversion is done, well as much as any race car is ever done.

1. I upgraded to a non-return fuel pump so I could use the 996 fuel rails.
2. I acquired a donor 996 air box and used a cut off wheel to cut out the 3.5" MAF sensor mounting tube. I then fabricated a 3.5" intake system. Works perfectly with stock 7.8 DME from 2002 996 manual.
3. I bought a DME 7.8, immobilizer,and key off EBay. I will publish my spreadsheet of the wiring changes.

One question for the Forum - Speedometer doesn't seem to be working though PSM and ABS do work. I may have missed a wire. Any ideas?

Update: Driving the car up and down the road reset something and the speedometer now works fine. At 2500lb and 320 hp, car now is a beast. 0-60 in the mid 4 second range. Should be fun.

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