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Looking for TSB 6315 (aero kit 1 install)

I’ve done several searches and cannot find the information I need.

I’m considering a used set of aerokit 1 side skirts. They do not come with any mounting hardware. I plan to use 3m automotive tape to secure the top edge, but I need to identify the components that secure the lower edge to the body fold under the car (I think that’s how they are secured, not sure - 5 screw locations on each skirt).

The only mounting part I have identified is a ‘side rail’ part# 986.559.982.00. If this is to attach the upper side, I’d rather use the 3m tape.

The part numbers for the aero kit 1s I’m considering are:

986.559.981.00 (r)
986.559.982.00 (l)

How do these compare to part#s:


I did find a mounting kit for the aero II. Will it work with the aero I??


Can anyone email or provide a link to TSB 6315, or additional info?

Thanks in advance for any info!
Rgds, Fred
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