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Back to the box...

Good morning everyone,

So it has been quite sometime since I was really engaged with my Boxster. I took a five year hiatus from it to play with a new Corvette (last of the C6's). It was an odd feeling parking her and covering her up. I had expected to spend some time driving her and yet somehow the years rolled by. As with all things cars come and they go and I decided that after five years the vette had to go.

I went to the garage and uncovered the Box and while I had started her and kept her on a charger over the time I had not driven her anywhere. After going through oil, filter and other bits and pieces I rolled her out and was thinking I was just going to go for a quick jaunt and come right back. I pulled her top down and set off. Several hours later and I rolled back home and realized how much I had missed this little car.

Sure it lacks the power of some cars, modern conveniences and electronics and gadgetry but she reminded me of what is best about the drive these cars.

Hope everyone's summer is going as expected. Till then, it's back to the Box for fun and some rolling adventures.
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