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Hi everyone!

Dealer came though in the best way possible. The replied to my email Monday morning, before 8am.

I ordered the fluid and parts per email, where I specified that I was going to change fluid in my Tiptronic on the '98 Boxster, I confirmed it after receiving an offer per pdf, but picked it up at the dealer myself. The person giving the first offer was on vacation, and I guess maybe someone else executed the order, and maybe yet another collected the items?

Anyway, they apologised warm heartedly, and today, per delivery van, they gave me 20 liters of Pentosin ATF-1, a new filter, gasket, drain plug and a "goodie bag" with convertible top waterproofer, leather cleaner and conditioner, inside glass cleaner, a Tequipment safety vest. And a few catalogues to urge me to purchase more. :-)

I'm very happy with this outcome. And I agree, and I have kicked myself for not checking BEFORE I filled it up. I'm normally a very cautious person, to the point of procrastination...

The dealer is Porsche Center Son, by the way, some 50 km south of Oslo. They are/were the only Ruf dealer in Norway before they became an official Porsche Center. they recently opened a 'Classic' department as well.
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