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I too believe that the dealer should be responsible for this, but for the sake of argument, let me play the devils advocate for a second...

What if the product they sold you was something completely outside of the realm of reason, for argument, let's say it was 5l of water (and clearly labeled as such). If you then filled your transmission up with water and went about driving your car and have a catastrophic failure, would the dealer still be liable for selling you the water? If they INSTRUCTED you to use water, I'm sure they would be, but if they just SOLD you water, and you just dumped it in, the responsibility gets a little more murky. My point is without the explicit instruction to use a provided product, the responsibility for the outcome falls on the person who purchased and used the product.

With that being said, if the dealer was of good moral character, I'd think they would (and should) take responsibility for their error, and should have realized that the rest of the order was for an automatic and the fluid "should" have matched. Then again, what business anymore is of "good moral character"? In any event, let us know how the dealer responds...if they do take responsibility, maybe I'll consider going to them for service, although shipping to Norway would be a bit of a pain...
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