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Crap! Dealer gave me wrong fluid!

Oh, darn....

After studying the Pelican tech article on changing fluid and filter in my Tiptronic, I ordered 5 liter fluid, filter, o-ring and fill- and drain plugs from an official Porsche dealership.

And went to work. I was able to drain about 5 liters, so I was a little concerned whether I'd need another liter.

I changed filter, cleaned the sump and magnets, assembled it all with new gasket, and filled it until it poured out of the fill hole. Put in plug, started car, used thermometer until the pan reached just below 40 degrees C, and opened the filler and added the rest I had, but it wasn't enough. Shut the car down immideately, and prepared to go to the dealer and buy a couple of liters more in the morning.

So, here's the kicker - while I searched the web for any Mobil 1 dealers nearby, I realized that the friggin' dealer has given me the wrong fluid!

What I now have 5 liters of in my Tip is 'Mobilube 1 SHC 75W-90'. Which is a MANUAL fluid, according to the Mobil 1 web site. Also, this is the fluid for the diff, not the transmission.

My receipt also says 'Gear oil: Mobilube 1 SHC 75W-90'. I have emailed the dealer with my concern, which is WTF do I do now?

The car only ran for about 5 minutes (very hot day), and it remained in neutral. But how f*ked am I? Can I drain and fill 2-3 times with the correct fluid? Or will I need a flush? Or is it ruined already? No weird noises were heard)

I NOW know that auto fluid is usually red, not orange, but this is my first tranny oil change (changed engine oil plenty of times), and I obviously should have researched the fluid they gave me before I poured it in, but I thought I could trust the dealer to know what the sold me...

Awaiting answer from the dealer in the morning, or I'll give them a call. (They are 1,5 hours away)
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