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The more I think about it the more I think my original idea might work. There really isn't a great place to attach a brace to on the front of the cabin. The screw holes where the sunvisor attaches look to be the easiest place to fabricate an attachment point to. I'm starting to think the window frame might be able to handle that added stress. The A pillar is very strong. I'm bringing a boxster to scrap this week and to make it smaller I tried pushing down on the windshield with my tractor. The A pillar didn't budge with the front weight of my tractor on it. The front wheels of the tractor came a good foot or two off the ground. I had to push in the very middle of the windshield to get it to collapse and even then the A pillars were standing tall. That's maybe 1500-2500lbs pushing down on it. It's not like the brace would be forcing that much pressure on the frame? At least under normal track usage. I have a few boxster shells I could test on.
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