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Originally Posted by steved0x View Post
In my opinion you don't need it, just make sure that your front to back action is about in the middle, and that your left/right action doesn't cause the shifter to bind up against the inside of the console.

The transmission doesn't know where the shifter is or where/what the "center" position of the shifter is, as long as you can move the cables where they need to go to make the shifts. As long as you can get fullr ange of motion fore/aft and left/right without binding the shifter up or running out of room, you are all good.

Are you running into an issue that you are trying to resolve? Or just proactively getting all your tools together in advance of making a shifter change?

ive replaced 2 shifters myself and found no need for this tool. Unless you are running into issues, just consider what Steve points out here and you should be fine.
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