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hey @sdharmani

Mine's holding up well so far. The only thing I'd do differently maybe is use a proper canvas glue for the flap that's glued originally, as the tape doesn't seem to have worked there very well.

1. No, didn't use anything but the tape, with the top in service position I found there wasn't really any tension on it to pull it free of the tape anyway, and once you have the rubber in there that's gonna hold it in as well. TBH I think the rubber does most of the work, the tape just helps grip it in there.
2. Guess you mean the 'clamshell' part? Can't remember TBH, looking at the photos no, but it's really easy to do, just undo the 6 nuts underneath and lift it off, so if you think it'd help just do it.
3. Again with it in service position I didn't really have any tension on it, so didn't need to 'stretch' it at all. The only thing that made it difficult was the glass window moving around, so had to put a hand in from the back and push it into various positions to get the canvas to move around right.

Maybe you need to try putting the top a bit more 'open' or holding the bow a bit higher when adding the tape or something, to help relieve any tension on the canvas? I didn't have to 'stretch' it at all, it was more just fiddly getting it lined up and stuck neatly into the channel.

On the bright side, it's not too much of a hassle (other than the cost of the tape) to pull it out and try again until you're happy with it.
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