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Originally Posted by jandr95 View Post
Should I ditch the factory amp altogether and just get a more powerful HU?
Your factory amp includes a frequency crossover to send only low frequencies to the door speakers, which are woofers.

Ignoring this fact means you'll have woofers in the doors receiving the whole range of frequencies ... something they're not designed for.

You can take to the bank your aftermarket head unit won't include a crossover and connectors for woofers only.


Now, you may have noticed that your factory head unit has a fader and that all it does is turn off the front speakers. I'd recommend to everyone that the first step for an audio upgrade should be fitting the rear shelf speaker setup and connecting these speakers to existing rear speaker outputs. You'll then have a working fader and better sound. With the factory head unit, you have two choices for wiring rear speakers, (1) the direct to speaker outputs on back of radio, and (2) the rear speaker amp out outputs already existing in your wiring to amp. Thing is, your 4X40 amp has rear in but doesn't have rear outputs, but its pretty easy and inexpensive to find a 996/911 6X40 amp which obviously is equipped with rear speaker outputs. These come in coupe and cabrio versions and since your Boxster is a cabrio ... . When I did this, a nice surprise is that the door woofers really came alive. Given the inherent ambient noise driving a Boxster, I see no need for any other radio "upgrades."

BTW, at, you can get a connector wire for ipod and similar input.
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