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Is the tape sticking?

Hello OldSkool73,

Nice write-up!

Is the tape holding? Also, how did you pull the fabric so that it is stretched and tight?

I have the same issue - in my case the car has been baking in the sun from being parked outside during the day and the tape kind of melted.

I was able to successfully do the first part - which was removal and clean up of adhesive tape.

However, the second part was pretty poor outcome for me. Main challenges:
1. Tape doesn't seem to really want to stick to canvas. Did you use any tape primer?
2. The top cover interferes in re-installation of the fabric - did you remove it?
3. When doing myself, it is near impossible to stretch the fabric so the top is misaligned on one side (it's ok where i started, but short by 1" on the side I finished).

It much worse now than before I attempted the fix! Any suggestions / input is appreciated.
- 2003 Boxster
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