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Originally Posted by steved0x View Post
Big white (but goes away after a few seconds) + CEL (probably flashing, for misfires) plus the power dropping out for a moment during the smoke bomb, typical

Probably you had just:

* Gone through a corner at high rpm, and when you upshifted you got the cloud
* Heavy braking followed by a turn
* Heavy braking followed by 2 quick turns
* Or even just two quick turns

Combined with an oil.level right at the top of the bars or even slightly above?

My first track day in the Boxster, with my oil accidentally slightly overfilled, huge smoke bomb just like you describe. Got home, dropped my oil filter and drained a little oil, never blew another smoke bomb over 50-60 more track days and maybe 30,000 miles.

So you might be ok as is.

Now if is continuous mosquito fogging, then for sure AOS.

from your list: yes, Yes, YES, YESS!!!
All of that was true. I'm old-skool.... oil-fill is "thereabouts" .... and I always err on the side of overfull.
So the CEL came on, huge loss of power. Then the cel went right back off, didn;t come on again. No more cloud. So then I drove it home 30 miles with nary a puff. SUNNVUA>... so I needlessly pissed-away a half-day of fun?

OK... lesson learned.

Just in case: how do I check the AOS? (I may get one coming and put it in the track spares, as suggested below)

And Radiumking: thanks for the response about the brakes. Yeah, after I checked it over, I just ignored the brake wear light. I'll look into Pagid next time. It'll be interesting (and probably expensive) to go through this curve with Brakes, Tires, etc, while I look for what I like best.

To my defense: SO many people (some on this forum, among other places) told me that for my first DE I should just use my street tires and brakes. SO GLAD I IGNORED THOSE PEOPLE!!! I thought I was doing right by listening to all of the folks using EBC Yellow on this forum, particularly where I'd had such great success with EBC on the Superbikes. And I think I did.... but I'ma try something different next time.
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