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Originally Posted by edc View Post
Circuit Werks isn't a known name here so it's not these. Search eBay UK for a comparison. There are a couple of retailers here that sell the mid/secondary pipe with cat. My old ones with 100 cell cats eventually failed the emissions so I have reverted back to the standard ones until I get a new car core welded back in.

If the straight mid pipes are cheap enough there's no reason why you couldn't modify those to insert a cat and copy the shape of the ones with the cat already in.
The circuit werks are made by a company in Texas, I just received my secondary cat delete pipes from them. Visual they look well built, price was right, and they shipped within 2 hours of me ordering them. Not sure when they will get installed to do review, probably fall. I want to get an fvd sound version put in same time, plenum throttle, and the fvd tune. So spreading the purchases out several months.

Anyway the user reviews i have read on the circuit werks have been positive, so hope they work well.
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