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Header options advice needed

Having upgraded the intake/throttle body side and just having had a custom tune done, Iím now considering some exhaust mods. At this point I have stock headers/cats, secondary cat bypass and stock muffler. Iím currently getting a CEL due to bad cats. I tried changing the O2 sensors but my Durametric tels me my cats are operating below spec. So... Do I replace the bad cats with stock? Do I try to find some 200 cell cat/headers? Do I put on catless headers and put my secondary cats back on with new bungs welded on for the O2 sensors? Or what else?
I am not interested in changing the sound. I track this car but I do use it around town so I donít want to make it much louder. Any wisdom would be much appreciated!
2004 986 S
987 air intake TB and plenum, Mantissport 2 litre sump, UDP, Bilstein B6 with H&R lowering spings, re71-rs for track, other stuff.
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