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I agree on that, but any car will have costs that go up, not down as the car gets older. 98/99 boxsters are 8/9 years old now!! Most people wouldn't buy a honda accord that is 8 years old knowing that they will probably need a boatload of work on normal stuff at that age. I'd still argue the difference isn't that great.

The real key is understanding just what kind of car you're buying. If you want a bulletproof mass production car with the long term reliability then you should buy your car with that in mind. Performance cars, regardless of brand, are not such vehicles and you should be prepared to maintain them. Just about any make/model has it's version of the RMS and if you go to an enthusiast site for any brand you'll see the same stuff you do here. I think too many folks make the mistake of 'forgiving' age due to the brand name and have overstated expectations as to reliability. Seems a lot of people might also buy a bit beyond their means too in the sense of buying the 90's era Boxsters due to the somewhat cheap price tag as porsches go, but not being able to afford to maintain them. Sometimes I wonder if people look past age and potential issues simply due to the brand?
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