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I just bought my first Boxster last month, but I've been into air-cooled cars for a while before that, and I've owned a couple 914's over the years. What the OP said is EXACTLY what almost every 914 owner has been saying for decades until about 2 years ago when they finally started getting recognized. Go over to and you'll find thread and after thread of how under appreciated the 914 is. About how it's a better car than its contemporary 911. About how it always gets crapped on by automotive journalists. And how if it had been given the engine that its contemporary 911 had, it would've outperformed Porsche's "favorite son" due to better handling and balance. Sound familiar?

And you know what, I miss the days when the 914 was under appreciated, because I love them! My first one I sold for $5k a while back. My 2nd one I sold for $15k two years ago. They're getting beyond what I'm willing to spend on a toy now for a decent one, which is what led me to the Boxster. Enjoy the low prices and under appreciated status while it lasts! People in the know are aware these are great cars. Who cares what anyone else thinks!
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