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Porsche sold a lot of 944s, so it took 30 yrs to thin the herd down. Probably have another 10 yrs to go before the Boxster is in the same boat and starts to appreciate.

Last mo I saw an 81 928 w/ manual trans for sale in KC. Not rusty, needed some dash / int work, didn't run but sounded like a simple fix based on the symptoms and Internet searches. $2500. I still had the 09 Boxster and didn't have the funds or the storage for another project. I keep a list of "next potential Wheeler Dealer cars" and this one was on the top of my list. Sadly, it sold before I sold the 09. Think if I had gotten it to run and put the dash back together, there would have been a lot of meat on that bone. Oh well...

I also missed out by 2 wks on a very nice 83 Datsun 280ZX - 60K mi, 5spd, 2 seater, brown 2 tone for $5K. That one was gone in 3 days.

I may have my next W-D car in a few days. Stay tuned...
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