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Just like to point out that they also jumped past the 914...which if you squint really, really hard at a great distance *could* (ahem, cough-cough) be seen as the predecessor of the Boxster. Keeping with the "squinting-at-distance", all of the cars listed in the article *could* be seen by the uninformed as some version of the 911. Here is where I feel the issue lies...if it's not the "shape of" a 911, it's not really a Porsche...which is why I would guess that in the future the Cayenne, the Macan, the Panamara and yes, any version of the Boxster will be overlooked. Strangely enough, the Cayman *might* be spared this fate.

As a disclaimer, I don't subscribe to this view, it's only an opinion...and quite probably an incorrect one.
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