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Originally Posted by jdh39fp View Post
I'll have to figure out how to upload a couple more pictures. The flares are inexpensive universal ones that had dimensions that looked like they would work. I bought them on EBay from a seller in the Ukraine for $130 or so. The car is lowered almost 2" with MCS two way coilover shocks. I have 10.5" wide front wheels and 11" rears so I needed 2.75" front flares and 3.75" rears.

The real leap of faith was after measuring for a couple of days was to take the reciprocal saw to the fenders to cut them for clearance. The rear fenders have a metal inner fender so you have to deal with the gap after you cut a new arch. I sealed it with spray foam and then silicone so it doesn't get filled up with gravel. Fairly crude but it works.

Then it was a matter of painting the flares and attaching them with small stainless steel screws. In the front I added some screws between the built in pockets to make them better fit the contour of the factory fenders.
I used similar flares when going wide body on my old B5 S4. No way was I paying for all new quarters to be put on the car. Same issue with the rears. I used screws which went through both sections - put in some seam sealer and then screwed them "shut". Scariest part was taking the saw (I used a jig saw) to the panel. Nothing like 275's all around a 430whp awd car with LSD's for max grip.

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