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The S54 had a couple of bad years with the bottom end and failed rod bearings. They have fixed that, and that engine has won "the best engine of the year" award a bunch of times. The S54 is a great engine. 333hp out of only 3.2 liters, normally aspirated?

Sure better than the boxster S. But we do know that Porsche has "restricted" what the 3.2 can do so it wont piss off any 911 owners who might get their hat handed to them.

I have an E36, had an E39, and have an X5 (wifey's car). BMW's are very good cars, they drive very well and are pretty easy to fix yourself. I love mine. They are expensive to maintain, but not as costly as a Porsche.

I got a boxster because I wanted a Porsche, and not a 911. I do not like the Z4's styling, but its still a very good roadster that you would not be sorry getting.
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