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I have a full Motec M800 system with my 2005 3.6 engine in my Boxster. I recently had it retuned for 91 octane (car was originally back east and tuned on 93+). The goal was not to get the most HP but to get a good solid tune that would hold up on the track. The new tuner found a lot of deficiencies in the original tune - although the fact remains it was done 10 years ago and a lot has been learned since. Can't believe how much better the car is running right now. We recently finished the tuning on a dyno. The engine is completely stock - except for the headers and relocated airbox. Here's the dyno. We'll be heading to the track to finish the fine tuning soon. He only charged me $1300 for everything which included him coming to my house to do a diagnosis (was having a hot start problem), then again for pre-dyno tuning the day before the dyno and then the day at the dyno. Cost for dyno rental was $400. He won't be charging me for the track side tuning.

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