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I don't know that I would do any major modifications to a vehicle. It can make it difficult to service and sell. I have a friend who has spent $80,000 on making his car, a Honda Prelude (don't ask why he chose this as a platform) into a real monster of a car. The trouble is he has to fly someone into service the car and is constantly having problems with tuning. He's going to sell the car and expects to see about $20,000 for it. Not that cars are investments by any stretch of the imagine (rule of thumb), but still that kind of burns. $80,000 plus the cost of the car and you're only going to get $20,000 of it back. Then to top it off you really couldn't even enjoy it because of all the problems he had with keeping it running. That car has spent most of its life so far in a shop.

Granted he does live in a small city w/o a reputable tuner. Just something to think about.

However, I do agree a trick car is much nicer than a cookie cutter for the most part, however Turbo 996s, GT3s and GT2s really aren't that cookie cutter.
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