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996 3.6L into 2001 Boxster Race Car

Missed a shift breaking my 3.2 engine which is not salvageable on my 2001 Boxster S race car. Found a suitable 2002 996 3.6L and there is a lot of info out there on the mechanical steps and wiring harness mods necessary to swap the two engines.

On the ECU there seems to be general agreement that the donor car Motronic 7.8, immobilizer, and key should be swapped into my car and I have secured these items. After tracing out the wire loom modifications necessary to convert to 7.8, it seems a bit daunting.

Dumb question, the issue with the 3.6L running on my existing 7.2 Motronic appears to be the lack of control of the two solenoid valves that fully open the engine valves. Since this is a race car with no AC, Cruise, etc., can I just power those on with a 5v source and remap my 7.2 for the larger engine?
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