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Originally Posted by jts1234 View Post
Yes. It is 30000 kilometers service according to the manual. Sorry.
I am surprised that the Ohlin manual mentions km instead of miles because
18,000 kilometers are 18,750 miles and removing the coilovers before they hit the 20k mark seems way too soon.

Last month, during the Festival I asked the same question to the JRZ person and he mentioned that depending on usage (street driven and light track) I should plan to rebuild the shocks around the 50k mark. I got a similar answer from the KW Sales Rep.

Could be that the Ohlin manual refers the early rebuild for a dedicated track car? I hope so, otherwise removing and rebuilding every 20k miles will end being kind of pricey, also, considering the alignment, etc.,

PS: Regardless of what I am saying, the way the car drives after installing a good suspension = priceless
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