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Ohlins R&T installed on my Boxster S


I am new to this forum, but I wanted to let people know that I just got Ohlins Road and Track on my 2001 Boxster S. I was given the car by my father since he can no longer drive. I believe the original shocks were still on the car. I had the Ohlins purchased and installed at Sonoma Raceway. The car is used only for road. The car was lower about 20mm from factory minimum height. Car was aligned and corner balanced, and the 13 clicks from zero, which is on the stiffer side of road settings. Stock roll bars with no preload.

Car feels like a serious sports car now. Ride on most surfaces is much improved. Railroad crossings and speed bumps can be pretty harsh. I have not adjusted anything. I donít race so I couldnít tell you what the limits of the car feel like but the car definitely transfers the power to the road better, and the understeer seems almost gone. Steering is quieter. Small stuff on the road is absorbed nicely. You can get the tail to drift out if you push it. They have to be serviced every 30 kilometers. Fun to drive. Havenít had ground clearance issues. I have Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires on it. The part number is POS MR80. Do a search on the part number and 986 and you find the Ohlin reference. Fun to drive but I think I have to learn to drive now. Anyway just wanted to let people this is an option for the 986 now.
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