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As the others have replied there is no open knowledge on this forum of how to completely delete the immobilizer. If there was, a bunch of us would be doing it and discussing it.

Cheap and ugly: It can be minimized by still using all the main components and eliminating the rest. Duct tape the DME, CLU, transponder coil & transponder together with a minimized wire harness. Post 79 here shows the minimal wiring for the Central Locking Unit box:

Expensive, but clean: Pay a shop that has already hacked the DME security, have them reflash your DME. I don't know of any shops that do this, but ECU doctors has a similar service adding a module to replace the immo. Immobilizer Removal for Porsche Boxster ECU DME 0261204605, 0 261 204 605 - Specialized ECU Repair

Good luck and if you have a break through or find a reasonably priced reflash, let us know.
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