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need to disable immobilizer

first and foremost this is a complete powertrain swap to another car. just purchased a boxster which was in a front collision, title and all. i do not intend to transfer all of the electronics over to the classic vehicle that is receiving the transplant, simply what i need to make this puppy run. only problem is that the immobilizer seems to have been triggered and i want to completely remove it

i dont want to put in a new immobilizer. thats pointless to me.

im talking basics, an engine needs fuel air and spark to run, so if the easiest way is to splice in an ecu from a different model or even brand, thats what i would prefer.

because the vehicle receiving the parts is rather cavernous, i can keep the majority of electronics relatively close together so if i can get it running by jumping wires, screw it lets do it

now lets remember that i already have the car and just need to make it able to run, i dont need responses about what would have been better for a swap or how many other problems ill be facing.

i just need to know how to make it run

it doesnt matter if its going in a rat rod or a go kart or a bus or a blender, how do i absolutely get rid of the need for an immobilizer?
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