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Every Boxster should have "razor-sharp steering!", if it doesn't it is probably small, cheap tires. Every Boxster should have "the magic" for you.

Compared to a 63 VW beetle, the Boxster is a tight crisp shifter. Compared to an S2000, or an Audi TT, the the shifter may feel "ropy and vague", this is easily changed with a B&M short-shift kit. I actually prefer the feel of the stock shifter. With a short shifter, I have a tendency to "snick & click" into the next gear. When driving aggressively there is a tendency for me to then 'smash' it into the next gear. With the stock shifter, each gear change is a balletic 'nudge and guide' into the next gear that works well at all speeds. This is a personal issue. I prefer the stock Boxster settings, but a short shifter is a simple 'cure' for those who want it.

(the S) "was fast, but it was stiff, not supple" Stiff is a measure of tires and suspension. The 18" tires, with the lower sidewalls, are generally a lot stiffer than the 17" tires. The factory M030, or aftermarket H&R, PSS9, etc suspension changes are all stiffer. This is again a matter of preference - I purchased 18" wheels and the M030 suspension.

re "Is Porsche-certified worth the few thousand dollars it seems to command in premium?" "the clutch pedal was sticky, making it hard to drive smoothly".

hmmmm. The Porsche-certified car had a sticky clutch. Is it worth more? Of course not! Factory certified is a way for dealers to chargfe more for a used car. All it really says is that the car has all factory parts, has low enough mileage and is new enough that the dealer will throw in a warrantee and charge you a lot for the privelege. In my experience the 6-speed S is easier to shift than the 5-speed 2.5/2.7L.

The 1st Boxster I drove was a 2.7L tiptronic with about 300 miles on it. It drove very smoothly with crisp steering, but was exceptionally ho-hum. Over the next year I drove, 308, Viper, M3, Saleen Mustang, Vette, S2000, Miata, etc. Then I drove an 02S with 18" wheels and M030 and made my choice to order me one of those.

I suspect you have fallen in love with "Ocean Jade with a grey interior". No Boxster is a bad choice, but any handling shifting differrence is the result of wheels/tires/shifter that can be adjusted to your preferences.

I would consider a '98 2.5L, but if I bought one I would expect to spend $18-25,000 in a few years to replace the engine with a 3.4L, upgrade the brakes, purchase custom wheels, premium suspension and a full rollcage for track Driver's Education. Your needs may vary!

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